Position Opening

Vidal Coach

Health Coaching Description

After successful application to Metabolic Mentor University, the potential Health Coach is responsible for implementing the message of Vidal Coachingby creating impact and maintaining alignment with our Core Values. Demonstrating skills of professionalism, adaptability, technical competence, flexibility, and planning, the individual will be required to be organized and independently driven with minimal supervision. Must be able to work in a virtual environment and maintain optimal performance while having the natural ability to build strong relationships.

Health Coaching Responsibilities

  • Responsible for providing client engagement, service, and outreach on a consistent basis while maintaining a positive, forward thinking mindset, to achieve a healthy client roster. Providing quality support to clients by effectively utilizing multiple platforms.
  • In collaboration with Vidal Coaching, generate leads for Discovery Calls for potential Functional Health Services. Utilizing social media platforms to enhance peak performance. Guides will pair clients accordingly to meet the individual coaching niche.
  • Maintains an active client roster, tracking and reporting of client progress, setting and implementation of goals and outcome measurements to establish effectiveness. See the impact of your expertise and care by demonstrating best practices. Those include but are not limited to: Meal planning, movement protocol, supplementation, and laboratory recommendations.
  • Responsible for maintaining a high level of communication between departments, playing an active role in case studies, internal training, Webinars, and providing support to associated team members and leadership.
  • Health Coach responsibilities have the potential to change based on the business needs and at the discretion of management.
  • Attend Annual Team Summit(s)
  • Complies with policies and ensures actions do not violate them